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So you’ve probably read a little bit about us and what we have to offer, but now you’re wondering if we’re the real deal. There’s no doubt that we can write anything we want on these pages, but it’s always nice to hear it from someone else, right?

Here are a few testimonials from people we’ve worked with in either mentoring, workshops or speaking. Take a look through, and if they resonate with you, then we’d love to work with you too.

To get started, head over to our Get Started page and find which option suits you best. Remember, it’s never too late to get started, and the perfect time is always where you are at right now.

Looking forward to helping you create your Vision and scale your business!


Marie is a true 'maverick' – blessed with a unique talent, a strong mind, highly perceptive observation skills, and the ability to bring all the elements together in a way that addresses complex issues in easily understood terms.

With her extensive background as a troubleshooter, tackling wide-ranging issues for her clients with apparently effortless ease, Marie is well suited to her chosen role, and is someone I definitely value on my consultative team.

True Maverick!

Fiona Stokes (Digital Marketing)
Internet Entrepreneur/ Former Private Consultant, Australia

Marie Drummey challenges you to defy conventional thinking by inspiring you to re-evaluate mindsets and attitudes that have blocked you from achieving the results and success you want.

I have always found that she has a unique way of inspiring and teaching you to get out of your own way. She promotes an amazing mental and physical buzz of energy, empowerment and excitement which generates lasting and positive change.

Defy Conventional Thinking

Nyree M Burt DTM (Communications)
Founder & CEO, Synergistic Communication, New Zealand

I've been with Marie for a while and I find amazing how she is passionate about what she does.She gives her best to help people and she will definitely inspire you!

You will learn with her that everything is possible and it is actually really easy to get what you want.

Support and Inspiration

Carolina Uchoa Alencar Araripe (Health/Wellbeing)
Nutritionist, Brazil