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Team - CEO & Founder | Marie Drummey Marie Drummey, our CEO & Founder, is also known as The Business Muse because of her talents and strategies in building and growing businesses across 3 continents.

As our leading Business Scalability Strategist, Marie’s approach to supporting our clients is simple:

  1. Doing business must be fun for all concerned or we are in the wrong business or role.
  2. Everyone has a unique talent and gift to bring to the World and ensuring you supply your thread into the Weave of the Universe is essential to life on Earth or we all miss out on the gem that is you. It’s just a matter of highlighting your uniqueness in a way that you can have success and the lifestyle you want.
  3. There are no excuses that will override your success when you commit to doing whatever it takes to succeed in your chosen field and it is our job, at The White Space Approach, to make sure you have the knowledge, tools and support to attain your Ultimate Vision when you need them.

To contact Marie click here.

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Jennifer Campbell - The Training Whisperer Jennifer M. Campbell fits right in with The White Space Approach team because of her passion about people and transformation – both at an individual and organisational level.

Jennifer brings to the table a deep intuitive sense, creative approach and sensitivity to cultural variations as well as taking delight in collaborating to create targeted solutions which generate results for people and organisations alike. This talent has been invaluable in supporting us design our scalability learning programs.

Like many young children Jennifer loved playing teacher, the only difference is she never grew out of it! Her passion for helping people learn has never waned. She loves sharing this passion and has done so through training of trainers, facilitating learning, writing and publishing – her own book is due to come out in 2017!. When our CEO & Founder, Marie Drummey, decided to create our workshops, Jennifer joined our team  and her knowledge of instructional design and learning proved to be the missing ingredient we required … an added benefit to us is that she is also ‘The Training Whisperer’, one of the key leaders in her field.

Over the years Jennifer has worn many hats – teacher, youth worker, project officer, team leader, manager, facilitator, trainers’ trainer, consultant, author and leader. As a result she am highly adaptable and flexible in her approach and able to design a presentation message people can understand and take action upon.

If you need help with developing effective learning/training programs to transform your team and your organisation talk to Jennifer. If she is not able to help Jennifer knows lots of other people who probably can.

Contact Jennifer by email with a ‘Let’s be creative!’ or learn more via her website.

The White Space Approach Team: Dawn Cady - Accountability Coach Dawn Cady, Accountability Coach, is an essential part of our management team keeping us on track, productive and ultimately profitable.

In overwhelm, have no idea where to start, need guidance on where to go next, save hundreds of hours being lost and in overwhelm. Dawn helps you with direction, support and getting yourself motivated to do what is needed to be done.

Everyone needs a support person, advocate, soundboard, a safe place to express emotions without judgement. At The White Space Approach, we have invested in ourselves with Dawn and can see our future flourish right in front of our eyes.

Contact Dawn by email with a “Keep me accountable! or learn more via her website.

The White Space Approach Team: John Bellamy - Lead Generation John Bellamy, is a key member of our team in that he provides us with a laser focussed lead generation system to grow our networks. This system results in highly effective LinkedIn marketing solutions to connect us with more and more of our ideal clients on LinkedIn giving us maximum ROI in The White Space Approach’s marketing & communications strategies.Having been a direct response marketer since 1999, John helped thousands of customers including Suncorp, KFC, ANZ, Eagle Boys & Mercedes just to name a few, with their marketing activities.  He now heads up, as CEO, his own business, Direct MSGing; a direct response communications company.

Contact John by email with a ‘Let’s connect’ or learn more via his  website.