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If you have a great idea that can translate elsewhere
then that’s where the scalability comes in – and
that’s where you can actually start to make real money.

― Ricky Van Veen

(American entrepreneur/co-founder CollegeHumor/CEO Notional TV Productions)

Why We Exist - The White Space Approach

Why We Exist

Economic growth will cause a change in the demand for new types of products, with a new business structure as a result. Combine this with the global trends going forward into 2020 causing major disruptions in many industries and job functionalities, small to medium business owners (SMEs) are in dire need of support for sustainability and growth opportunities.

With approximately only 1 out of 20 startups succeeding resulting in alarming failure rates of 1 in 3 in the 1st year of trading, 2 out of 4 in 2nd year and 3 out of 4 by their 5th year, we decided that this was an area our expertise and knowledge could make a massive difference to SMEs in stemming some of these failures turning a larger number of SMEs into successes.

By bringing to the table, knowledge, expertise and experience generally only found in large corporations, we believe, The White Space Approach can provide our clients with the tools you desperately need to not only survive but scale, thrive and win at the game of business.
What We Do - The White Space Approach

What We Do

The founding principles underlying of all our programs, workshops, masterminds and mentoring services can be found within The PLAYS ProcessTM which comprises five founding principles:

The PLAYS Process

The PLAYS Process

― identify and re-align negative behaviours and mindset into positive actions and beliefs.
― Potential damaging business factors are identified and eradicated ensuring your ultimate success.

― leveraging opportunities across all aspects of business, team, client interaction and market forces.
― You can take advantage of business agility to adapt to market trends at speed and lead as a Key Business of Influence.

― define, plan, and implement strategies and plans through clear S.M.A.R.T. goals and project management tools
― You have a clear, defined Vision connected to strategic milestones and key performance indicators that all your key stakeholders know and support

― risk management strategies to analyse, adapt and increase return on investment of resources
― Your processes increase simplicity, speed and client ratio yield

― creating team synergy and alignment to Corporate Vision and Values which expands into your customer journey experiences
― Your team becomes more productive resulting in greater growth and profitability
How We Do It - The White Space Approach

How We Do It

Helping our clients plan and achieve their business growth and scalability from a design and strategic approach through to implementation of business and scalability plans into the future success you deserve is why we exist. However, it is how we achieve this that makes us different. We provide;

  • Hot Seats dominating our workshops to enable you to understand how planning, design and implementation of your Scalability project expands.
  • Peer to Peer masterminds gaining your own talented Board of Advisors who have empathy and understanding of the journey you are on whilst also possessing the guiding hand of an experienced business scalability strategist.
  • Digital self-paced step by step training with direct access to a business scalability strategist included.
  • 1-to-1 scalability mentoring programs where we work with your entire organisation to design and implement business and scalability plans to create your Ultimate Vision and desired outcomes.

It is never too late to start Creating Your Business Growth and Scalability Success.