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Copyright Notice

All images and video content that are produced by The White Space Approach are actively protected by Copyright.
These include:
  •  corporate logo,
  • photographs of our staff and premises, and
  • all electronic and digital assets pertaining to our product range.

No parts may be reproduced or utilised in any form, or by any means without the prior consent by way of License Agreement.  This includes recording, photocopying electronic/digital and mechanical, or in any information storage or retrieval system.

With the exception of a written licence agreement, we reserve all intellectual property rights in respect of all contents and images on  website or any other public accessible content and any other related printed materials for promotional purposes.  Unlawful use of any of our copyright protected material, or passing-off any of this content as your own will result in legal action.  This includes the practice of ‘Framing’  website within another site including copying and re-using parts of this content.

© 2016 The White Space Approach. All rights reserved worldwide.

Third party copyright

We have made all reasonable efforts to:

  • clearly label material where the copyright is owned by a third party
  • ensure that the copyright owner has consented to this material being presented on this website including photographs, logos, drawings and written descriptions of patents and designs.

Permission may need to be obtained from third parties to re-use their material.

What You Cannot Do

We do not permit you to display pages from this website within frames on another website.

Further information on the use of our website and the material it contains can be found in our website Disclaimer notice.

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any enquiries about this licence.

Last Updated:  1 January 2017